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We offer comprehensive services to manage your residents association

24/7 Breakdown service

We offer full coverage when you need it the most. Let us take

Online services for residents associations

Manage your procedures easily with our free APP, and use the chat to communicate with us about bills, receipts or issues that may come up.

Unexpected costs and outstanding debt

We distribute the community costs between the homeowners and notify of arrearage issues.

Board of owners

We manage procedures, meetings, records and offer assistance to the president of the residents association.

Building improvement work and maintenance

We manage both urgent repairs and quotes for future construction plans.

Accounts and budgets

We manage your expense receipts, payment claims, and incidents and also mediate in supplier relationships.

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administracion de fincas vilanova y vilafranca
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+55 Years of experience
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+800 Residents Associations managed
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+40 Professionals at your service

+ Advantages of being part of Serra Real Estate group.

Our own insurance brokerage

Competitive insurance policies with the best guarantees in the market.

Presence and connection to the territory

We have offices in Garraf and Alt Penedés and offer personal assistance.

Complimentary services

Property portfolio of rental and sales, consulting services, insurance options and more!

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