The mission at Serra Real Estate Group is to meet the needs of our clients in managing their estate. Our goal is to run a profitable organization maintaining our constant drive to grow and providing value through our services so as to offer a full Real Estate service.

We define our quality policy by highlighting our commitment to offer our services to the highest standard with the aim to satisfy the needs of our clients; involving our staff, suppliers and clients in the process.

To further strengthen our commitment to quality standards, we have established a quality control system with periodic reports. This allows the company to continually upgrade the services offered, and enables our staff to enhance their performance.

The quality policy of Serra Real Estate is based on the following principles:

To guarantee that our quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained by all those who are part of our company by documenting its execution.

To commit to ongoing improvement by establishing a system of continuous revision of both our management and quality policy, reevaluating the objectives and goals of the company regularly.

To comply with legal requirements that affect the different procedures, valuing these as a fundamental part of our quality policy.

To prioritize client satisfaction throughout our procedures and services with the direct involvement  of our staff, ensuring growth and development within the company.

To understand the needs of our current and future clients by maintaining close communication, requesting feedback to improve our services and evaluate customer satisfaction.

To train our staff, create awareness of the implementation and compliance of the quality policy and fulfillment of the company objectives, with the end goal of having qualified and motivated staff who will meet client’s needs.

To provide the necessary resources for the constant improvement of our procedures, organization and overall structure.

To collaborate with our suppliers in a positive way, creating mutual trust and integrating added value.

To invest in advanced technology and systems that will improve our services and sustainability, reducing paper use and maintaining our company at the forefront of technology.

Our Quality policy will be reviewed periodically, shared with our staff and available to our clients.